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Server Status: Up

Alpha Development


Please be patient as we are in the process of starting and developing Deep Shadows MUSH.


We are always looking for creative individuals who are willing to volunteer to staff. If you have a couples hours a week to help and are familiar with the Shadowrun Theme and Rules, even if it just 3rd or 4th edition, please speak with Bremem.


Some of the things we are working to offer...

5th Edition Character Creation and Rules

Player Organizations and Megacorps

Multiple Cities - Currently Seattle, Las Vegas, & Manhattan

Inventory System

Player Ran Plots

Certified GM system

Legal Travel

Smuggling System

Contact Database

Dynamic Standings


Deep Shadows MUSH is being designed as a dynamic MUSH.

Players will be apart of Stories that can shift allegiances and powers.

Every action will have a reaction.

Every cause has an effect. It's a brutal world of gain and loss.

 Where there is risk there is reward...or complete failure.


If a player is willing to play by someone else's rules they are free to join a criminal organization or megacorps. Loyalties are fluid. If you're on top one day, you may not be the next.


Maybe you feel like trying your hand at your own Shadow business?

Is your privacy worth being your own boss?

Tread carefully because drawing too much attention may paint a target on your back.


Trust no one. Your chummer may just end up putting a knife in your back.


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