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Shadowrun is a science fiction and fantasy roleplaying game. The setting takes place about years into the future in the year 2075. Governments have mostly collapsed and try to scrounge to hold onto what little power they have left. The real power is held by the MegaCorps and the Corporate Court.


Somewhere in the midst of the choas and war humanity began to envolve. Now collectively known as Metahumanity; Trolls, Orks, Dwarfs, and Elves came from what scholarlies think was supressed gene. Over the course of several years race took on a different meaning then just the color of someones skin.


Technology has advanced far beyond the turn of the century's understanding. Metahumanity is no longer just original flesh and bone. Cybernetics has advanced to incorporate computers with direct neural interaces. This allows metahumans to dive into a vast virtual reality computer network known as the Matrix. Biotechnology allows for limbs and tissue can be regrown. It allows for extra organs to be vat grown and implanted.


In 2011 Metahumanity experienced a series of events throughout the year. Known as The Awakening. The return of magic, and the ability to channel mana into 'spells' allowed for a whole different enlightenment. Oh did we forget to mention dragons? In the same year the great dragon Ryumyo showed himself to a bunch of commuters on a train in Japan.


Initially Shadowrun was a tabletop based game. However over the years has evolved into several video games and a collectable card game. Throughout this time there has always been some form of MU* based on Shadowrun. Please join us in our expression of this genre.



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