Writing a three to four page background seems like a lot of trouble to play a game. Deep Shadows just wants you to answer a series of questions. Please try to flesh out the questions a bit, but how deep or creative you want to get is up to you. Background information is not too important, but having a direction to which you want your character to go is.

Whether you build the answers around your sheet, or the sheet around the answers doesn't matter. All we ask is that you try and flesh out the answer.


While these may or may not be the exact questions for the background you want to may want think about these to help develop your character.


Where was your character born and where do they live now? What brought them to their current living situation? What goals does your player have? Do they work for a specific MegaCorp or Organizations? Why that particular Megacorp or Organization? Is there some lines your character wouldn't cross or jobs they wouldn't do?

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