Character Creation is currently closed.

We are working to develop Character Creation.


Deep Shadows MUSH Character Creation will follow the "Priority Table" typical to the Shadowrun system. The priority table works by assigning a priority (A through E) to one of five categories. The higher the priority (A being top) the more important that category is to your character and the more you get to develop that category. The Shadowrun 5th Edition Priority table can be found on page 65 of the Core book.


Our focus will be on developing character who can function in plots and stories that will come up in Deep Shadows. We highly recommend that all characters should have some combat skills, even if they are limited. It is the sixth world after all, and it's a dangerous world. For those who find Character Creation difficult can take sample characters and by pass Character Creation system. Remember always to buy armor, and bullets!


Backgrounds information will be based on a simple Question and Answer system. We want players to feel like creating a character is not too difficult or time consuming. No player should feel like giving up on the game becuase they've lost a Character.


For those unfamilar with Shadowrun the Character Creation allows for multiple races and semi-classless system. Magic users can burn out, but currently Deep Shadows is not allowing players to awaken while after Character Creation.


Character creation will allow for options for players to play as a Street, or Experienced runner. However, any player wanting to be apart of a MegaCorp or Criminal Organization must select Street level of playing.

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